Pistou is a restaurant in Burlington Vermont.

Pistou is a place to eat, drink and congregate with great satisfaction. Here that satisfaction comes from the enjoyment of something delicious. It comes from the experience of food and wine carefully selected for their excellence and without concession. Pistou is the kind of restaurant we love to find ourselves in.

What we offer is delicious and always interesting - maybe even a bit challenging.

Welcome to Pistou. Eat and drink well.



We serve our customers the best of what we can offer them. This may mean obsessively sourced, foraged ramps and morels in the spring; aged comté from the Jura plateau or a rare, artisanaly produced olive oil from a tiny winery in Piedmont.

Our food is informed by our respect for French tradition and our interest in classical preparation. We make use of contemporary technique when it preserves the integrity of our carefully selected ingredients and presents them precisely and in harmony.

In our dining room we offer an ala cart menu, as well as a chef's tasting menu. Our offerings change frequently. They are seasonally driven and always revolve around the best of what is available to us. It's not uncommon for our entire menu to be written at 9:00 AM after our farmers and purveyors visit the restaurant with their goods. We occasionally offer supplements to our prix-fixe menu. We hope you have fun at our tables. We hope you'll share and enjoy everything.

We also offer a Bar & Lounge menu, available only at our small bar and at the high-top table for up to six, affectionately known as "the lounge" (we're a pretty small restaurant). Here you might find grilled octopus, charcuterie, oysters, and cheese plates. The food is meant to be enjoyed with a bottle of wine. It's a nod to our favorite wine bars - and that very special way of eating and drinking they do so well. We don't reserve these seats, so drop in with friends, share a bottle, and a few plates.



Wine is at the heart of what we do at Pistou - it is central to how we enjoy our time at the table, and we aim to make it central to the time you spend in our restaurant. In fact, you won't find much else to drink here. A meal at our restaurant is incomplete without a bottle of wine.

Pistou is an outpost for terroir, a place for exploration, and a platform for small growers and winemakers. We are lucky enough to count many of these growers among our friends and colleagues - and we are always honored to have the opportunity to share their wines with our guests.

We are also lucky enough to sell only the wines we like to drink. For the most part, those wines are French. They are always honestly produced gastronomic wines. We happen to like as little manipulation as possible between us and the grape.

Our list will cover your thirst and your need for meditation. If you're spending some time with us, you can always expect to find wines from the Beaujolais, Champagne, Corsica, the Loire and the Rhône. Also, Burgundy. Always Burgundy.

Our wines change a lot - so we write them on a chalkboard. If you want to know what's on that chalkboard, we frequently post our list on our Facebook page.



Every Wednesday

Wednesday Paris Sessions

A new way to eat and drink at Pistou. Back in October, Max set out on a two week Pilgrimage across France. He spent that time eating and drinking - from Paris to Beaune - following the influence of a new Parisian cuisine from the heart of the City of Lights to the center of Burgundy. An exciting, vibrant conception of food and wine as an exploration mark this new scene. Max brought back a lot of ideas. We'd like to share them with you. This is how:

The Paris Sessions - a unique six-course tasting menu, available in the restaurant every Wednesday for $45 per person. You're reading that right.

Sample Menu:

Peekytoe Crab

-with sunchoke, crab butter

Coal Roasted Beets

-with bone marrow, rose, sunflower


-with celery root, prosciutto

Kabocha Squash Gnocchi

-with tarentaise, radicchio

Strip Steak

-with eggplant, leek

Sugar Roasted Parsnip

-with milk jam, hazelnut crumble

Head over to our website or call the restaurant and reserve your table today. 802-540-1783



We are located at 61 Main St. in Burlington, VT on the southwest corner of Main St. and South Champlain St.


Pistou is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Reservations are recommended for tables. Our small bar is seated on a first-come, first served basis.

We are closed Sundays and Mondays.



Please use the reservation widget below to reserve a table. Thanks for thinking of Pistou. We look forward to your visit.

Pistou Reservations
61 Main St Burlington, VT 05401